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I believe that to face the multiple crises that are present in the world we need systemic change. However we are each a reflection of the systems around us and so must do the work within ourselves and our communities to disentangle ourselves from repeating the same patterns of harm that got us here. So much of that harm is rooted in our disconnection and separation from the natural world and therefore each other. This is what underpins much of my work.

Hello & Welcome

About me

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I work with ritual, embodiment and many practices inspired by my theatre, circus & dance training. My background and interests span clowning, deep nature connection, animism, grief work, archetypes, mythology and rites of passage. This diversity of tools helps me to take a playful yet deep approach in supporting people to remember their innate wildness and wholeness. I currently offer women’s immersions and retreats, grief rituals and courses on cyclical living.

Otherwise you can find me roaming Dartmoor, growing my own food in community at The Living Projects or in my back garden, connecting with ancestral life ways through crafting, wild food and foraging, singing and writing poetry or dancing and moving my body.

My Story 

I’ve always had a deep and profound relationship with the natural world, however growing up in a city I often felt disconnected and with a lack of access to wild spaces. This longing for the natural world expressed itself in my body and my ability to relate with the world through my physicality and creativity. 

This led me to spending five years training in Physical Theatre & Dance emerging with a variety of skills that allowed me to deepen into exploring spaces that support humans to connect with their creative essence through movement and embodiment, and therefore their essential wild nature. 

Over the years I was very drawn to the esoteric and worked with myth, tarot, clown and other practices and therefore I created Artemis, a solo show that I researched, performed and toured with over four years that told the myth of Artemis but from the future looking back on the destruction and havoc that humans enacted on our planet.


As my research deepened so did my concern and empathy for the planet and the climate and ecological emergency we are living through. I wanted to explore how I could be most deeply in service and contribute in these times. 

In 2018 after years of working hard to sustain myself as an artist and performer, i opened the doors to other possibilities. This led me to join Extinction Rebellion and in a baptism of fire I spent a year deeply involved with climate activism learning a lot about myself, climate change, systems change, complexity, activism, community and regenerative cultures in the process.

Since then I’ve dedicated my life to a variety of approaches needed to face an uncertain future. This spans reconnecting and healing our relationship with the earth, grief tending and pleasure activism, resourcing activism, resilience and burnout, women's empowerment & leadership, community building, rewilding and ecosystem restoration through regenerating land, food sovereignty, land access, peer to peer learning, plus learning from the land and nature based mentoring. I continue to live these enquiries with openness and curiosity. 

(Standing on the shoulders of: Clarissa Pinkola Estes, adrienne maree brown, Robin Wall Kimmerer, Sobonfu Some, Daniel Foor, Francis Weller, Joanna Macy, Bill Plotkin,  Rebecca Card, Peter Cow, Brian Stafford, Toni Spencer, Bayo Akomalafe, Buckminster Fuller, Matej Matejka, Anna-Helena Mclean and many more.)

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Previous Work 


Transition Town Totnes, Extinction Rebelleion, Enrol Yourself, The Design Science Studio, The Craigberoch Deccelerator, Be The Earth Foundation, The Psychedelic Society, Youth by Youth, The Living Projects, The Spaceship Earth Podcast, Civic Square, RSA, Togetherness, Involve Charity, 



The Waterloo Vaults, Shotgun Carousel, Secret Cinema, Rogue Theatre, The Artful Badger, The Salon Collective, Feurza Bruta, The Eden Project, Divine Ridiculous, Thimble Theatre, Rift & Mama Marbles plus a variety of festivals, french circus companies and events over the years. 

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