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I know that you already have everything you need within you and I know that there is great power and healing in someone catching your story. That hearing something reflected back to you can offer life changing perspectives, whilst good questions can offer huge shifts to the way we treat ourselves and others that can lead to life-affirming action in the world. 

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What is Mentoring?

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Mentoring is an approach that uses mirroring, clarifying, questions, prompts and sometimes suggestions or advice.  It is about gaining a deeper understanding of the emergent issues, patterns, challenges, themes or opportunities within your life, and through this uncovering a deeper sense of Self. It is not however therapy or coaching with can be goal based.  

My practice of mentoring uses peer to peer learning practices, coaching and a culture of mentoring through the 8 shields nature connection map as well as embodied creative techniques and tools to empower, create agency, connect us to the animate world around us whilst helping us uncover what really matters to us.

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Mentoring might be for you if your:

Stuck or have reached a crossroads in your life 

Dealing with patterns of burnout or stress

Facing a problem or challenge you need support on 

Looking to find space for your own personal development

Want to build more nature connection practices into your life 

Need an injection of inspiration and creativity into your life

Would like support cultivating more eco-centric ways of being

Experiencing climate related grief or anxiety 

Looking for support to move into acting on what ignites you 

Have had an experience that you'd like to reflect on and integrate
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What I offer

Space - a sanctuary to slow down in that can support your nervous system 
Time - that is dedicated to you for reflection and gaining deeper understanding 
Embodiment - helping you listen to the intelligence and language of your body 
Learning - opening up new perspectives that can help us move forward with curiosity
Connection - to yourself, what matters to you, your relationships and the animate world
Creativity -  using creative approaches to support you within and outside of the sessions
Compassion - finding ways to bring self compassion to the parts of ourselves we judge or exile
Mystery - ways to open ourselves to the mystery of life or connect to god / oneness / wholeness
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Rolling / One off £30 - £70 sliding scale 

To arrange a session please contact me via email. 

I try to keep my prices sliding scale where possible for accessibility, please contribute at a higher level if you do not struggle to pay rent or own your own home.  Custom packages and consultations costs are available on request. Scholarship places are reserved for low income, BIPOC, LGBTQ+ and historically marginalised folks. Please reach out if finances are an issue. 


Please note that this is not therapy. Once you have emailed me you will be sent a short google form to fill out to help me assess whether I am qualified and equipped to offer you support.

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