I create a variety of spaces and containers, some one off events, other more in depth courses, retreats and immersions in service to humanity's ecological awakening in the age of climate change and ecological collapse. I am here to support people becoming alive to their entangled relationship with the earth through a variety of approaches and dismantling the oppressive paradigms that are destroying both people and the planet.


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An initiation into the sacred arts of the feminine

10th - 17th June 2022

This rite of passage will challenge you to hunt down your shadows, and then make love to them, as you shake free the shackles that keep you small, and step into your full radiance. If you are longing to connect more deeply with your innate power, the wisdom of nature, and feel the full support of other women, this is for you.


What You Get…


Reclaiming your cycles and your blood as sacred

Saying NO and setting your boundaries

Soothing your inner child

Saying F*ck YES to your pleasure and sexuality

Juicy cacao ecstatic dance

Creating deep and lasting sisterhood friendships

Releasing deep seated shame

Creating a healthy relationship with rage

Breaking out of negative thought patterns and beliefs

Connecting to the earth and her cycles

Powerful rituals to connect with the elements, earth, fire, air, water and spirit

Tantric practices for intimacy

Sex magic manifestation

Owning your desires and dedicating yourself to your soul purpose

Welcoming and honouring grief

Potent Kundalini practices to activate each archetype

Expect lots of nature, dancing, singing, laughter, tears,

ritual, music, releasing, playing and praying.

Awakening the Wild Woman

29/09/22 - 03/10/22 in Dartmoor

Throughout the weekend we offer a number of practices and rituals for you to connect to the unbridled power of your Wild Self. Together we'll create a tight sisterhood where we each feel supported to unlock and let go; A place to feel seen and accepted in all that we are. As artists and magpies of inner work we offer: sharing circles, meditation, voice work, dance, embodied ritual, grief tending, nature connection, play, theatre and magic as methods to connect with our inner feral and wide-eyed one, who listens to the wisdom in her blood and the pulse of nature all around. 

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Upcoming Immersions

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Waking the Wild Ones

A Weekend of Wildness
2nd - 7th of November 2022

 Gaia and I are excited to be offering a new retreat for all genders, an exploration into the archetype of the Wild One. Through working with Bill Plotkins Wild Mind map we will explore the archetypes of wholeness through enquiry, embodiment, dance, nature connection, the way of council, grief tending and so  much more. Watch this space or join my newsletter to stay updated for when tickets are released. 

Other Events

Earth Rhythms

Rituals in alignment
with the Wheel of the Year 
Beltane 04/05/22

Earth Rhythms is back with a Beltane ritual to connect with the powerful fertile energies of Spring and the approaching Summer, an opportunity to mark what is emerging in your life, be seen and witnessed in your hopes, dreams and desires. Step through the Beltane portal and connect with the instinctive life force bubbling up all around you as we come together in community to reconnect with the cyclical energy of the natural world and align our lives with its rhythms. 

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