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Upcoming Events

Waking the Wild Ones

All gender retreat on Dartmoor
03/11/22 - 07/11/22

Wildness is welcoming home the parts of ourselves that we banish, for fear of rejection, in order to become whole again. The shame, grief and rage that you carry alone and in silence, is the prison that keeps you from living a life of deeper meaning and fulfilment.

This weekend retreat will support you to break open to a sense of true belonging, belonging in your body, in community, and belonging to this land, as you learn to shed the barriers that keep you separate, and are celebrated in the full expression of all that you are.


If you have been yearning for the beating hearts of kindred souls, the smell of rivers and  fires, dancing under an open sky, and the freedom to express all parts of your being, then we welcome you with open arms.

£550 - £800 Payment plans and scholarships available 
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Devon Grief Ritual

A non-residential weekend of grief tending with Briony Greenhill
18th - 20th of November 2022

Do you feel the deep place in your belly and bones where your grief and sorrow is stored? Do you feel the need to let it flow? To find ways to be with your grief, to understand and become intimate with it so that it can lead you to feel the depth of your love? 

Life creates grief. And we are swimming in it, especially in these times of global unrest, upheaval and planetary crisis. Our grief needs spaces to be released, to be composted and allowed to flow so that we can feel replenished by the well of being alive. 

£100 - £160 - Payment plans available on request

2023 Events

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The Wild Womans Way

A week initiation into the Archetypes of the Feminine on Dartmoor
11th - 18th August 2023

This rite of passage will challenge you to hunt down your shadows, and then make love to them, as you shake free the shackles that keep you small, and step into your full radiance. If you are longing to connect more deeply with your innate power, the wisdom of nature, and feel the full support of other women, this is for you.

Archetypes represent different facets of our psyche. They are a personification of certain qualities and behaviours that can be recognised in the human experience throughout all time, and across all cultures. We see this manifested in the similarities between the deities, and myths around the world.

Each archetype contains light and shadow qualities, healthy and unhealthy expressions. It is likely you will resonate strongly with some archetypes, and others may feel underdeveloped or even estranged.

This work is about deep self enquiry to understand our way of being in the world, so that we can notice where our shadows are playing out, and bring awareness to how we need to grow, in order to become whole.

£900 - £1600 Payment plans and scholarships available 


Wild Woman Spring Retreat 
24th - 27th of March 2023

IGNITE is a wild invitation to embrace the fullness of who you are, to shake free the shackles that keep you small and to feel empowered to own and express your desires. An invitation to ignite the parts of yourself that will lead you into deeper alignment with the life you are longing to live.

his weekend we will dare to dream our deepest longings & desires as we awaken and connect with our sensual erotic nature and gather as women have done through the ages to access our feminine wild power.

A celebration of womanhood and a place to let your raw wild self be seen and expressed through ritual practices such as dance, drumming, singing, and sacred sexuality.

£450 - £650 Payment plans and scholarships available 
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Awakening the Wild Woman

A Weekend of Nature, Embodiment, Sisterhood and ritual
2nd - 7th of November 2022

This is a call to all women who feel the wildness of these times rattling in their bones. We invite you into an immersive weekend retreat in the heart of Dartmoor to awaken the wild self of boundless creative expression, and rest in the belonging of sisterhood.

This moment of uncertainty offers us the opportunity to root down into a security within ourselves, that cannot be tarnished, tainted or taken. The part of us that is courageous and soft. Untouchable. Untamable. 

Developing a deep intimacy with ourselves and the living world around us, we unfurl into our animal bodies, tenderly and fiercely remembering the echo in our bones of how wildness might have tasted on our ancestors tongues. 

If you have been yearning for the beating hearts of kindred souls, the smell of rivers and  fires, dancing under an open sky, and the freedom to express all parts of your being, then this retreat is for you.

£550 - £800 Payment plans and scholarships available 
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